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Literally "God in the machine", Deus Ex Machina originally referred to Greek plays, where the "gods" would be lowered onto the stage with ropes in order to provide a quick resolution to the story. Today, Deus Ex Machina refers to any improbably and/or overly convenient character or mechanism that comes out of nowhere and saves the character(s).


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Friday, June 04, 2004

Stolen Election 2, the sequel, coming to a country near you

Joel, who shares my love for Buffy and, apparently, Bill Bryson, makes an interesting and apparantly accurate inference that the Florida election may already have "the fix in" thanks to Jeb Bush.

A bigger issue for me is how Bush or Kerry will have to CRUSH in Florida and across the country to gain any credibility. If Gore had won the election, we'd be hearing the same mindless "stealing the election" talk we hear now, only from the other side of the aisle.

If Florida is close, or if the national vote is as close as it looks to be right now, the winner from either side better get used to 4 more years of more M. Moores pointing out how Bush/Kerry "stole" the election.

And to think we have to hear this kind of talk from both sides for the next 7 months.


Blogger Joel said...

Thanks for the link, by the way. Interesting point you make, and I suspect it will be true. If the election is close, there will be quite a lot of claims of it being stolen.

Of course, I'm hoping for an outcome that is more clear cut. If nothing else, I think November is going to be very interesting.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Joel said...

Oh, and yes, Bill Bryson is magnificent. He's one of my favorite authors and every time I finish another book by him, I just want to jump in my car or hop on an airplane and go wherever I just finished writing about. Once I'm done laughing, anyway.

8:14 PM  

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