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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Question for the playa lovahs...

Can anybody really say Bush OR Kerry are their ideal choices?

I mean, when Reagan and Clinton ran, I remember people being 100 percent on board with their guy. My own politics aside, Republicans were completely behind Reagan. Dems were completely behind Clinton. This election feels luke-warmy to me.

With the exception of the fringe-types, I can't find anyone with a clear head who can't admit there are flaws with Bush. I can't find anyone with a clear head who really thinks Kerry is the ideal guy to be our next President.

Both guys seem like they were the best their party had to offer and take it or leave it.

Show me a rabid Kerry guy!


Blogger Joel said...

Nah, I'm not a rabid Kerry guy. Dean was my man. I loved him and was so excited when it looked like he would actually win the nomination. I mean, the thought of having a doctor as president who actually seemed to care about helping out average people--it was an amazing thought. I hadn't thought it possible.

Which, it turns out, it may very well not be. So anyway, we got Kerry. I don't love that, but I'll take it. He will be way better than Bush--I have no doubt about that. So I will happily vote for him. I also like a lot of his policies he has laid out, though not all of them. But I would like him to make a better and more persuasive case for himself.

I think he should start working on hope and optimism. We've been so beaten down by constant warnings about terrorists and have had so much fear pounded into us, a little optimism would go a long way. I want Kerry to stand up and call us all out--demand that we work together to improve America. I want a call to volunteerism and a call to getting involved in politics. I want some policies put in place to make this easy on people.

I'm still hopeful something like this may come along, but we will see.

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