God in the Machine

Literally "God in the machine", Deus Ex Machina originally referred to Greek plays, where the "gods" would be lowered onto the stage with ropes in order to provide a quick resolution to the story. Today, Deus Ex Machina refers to any improbably and/or overly convenient character or mechanism that comes out of nowhere and saves the character(s).


"I don't get it, Big Dan..." -George Clooney in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I'll be the judge of that!

Just one week after my successful victory in Battle Death Penalty, wherein your hero successfully argued that the death penalty is unjust, unfair, biased, vengeance-based and otherwise naughty, I served as a judge at Iron Blog.

This week's topic was school vouchers. Still dunno until tomorrow what the next debate'll be about.

This Iron Blog thing is catching on!


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